E-book: Analytic Writing Guide, 2nd edition

E-book: Analytic Writing Guide, 2nd edition

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Louis M. Kaiser and Randolph H. Pherson 

December 2020

Newly Updated 2nd Edition!

New Tools

  • Conceptualize your project with AIMS, the Analytic Spectrum, Opportunities Analysis, and Source Summary Statements.
  • Review your draft with new checklists and Peer Review techniques.
  • Bullet-Proof your final draft with critiquing tools.

New Chapters

  • “Presenting Analysis in the Digital Era”: embrace new strategies and techniques for preparing digital presentations.
  • “Write to a Target Audience”: learn to establish a flow of ideas and information that directly address your client’s needs.
  • “Eliminate Ambiguity in the Wording”: discover the importance of clarity and guidelines for drafting clear sentences that readers readily understand.

The Analytic Writing Guide is a user’s guide for writing papers, short memos, and emails when the objective is to inform a busy reader or decision maker who is inundated with other communication and preoccupied with other tasks. It focuses on ideas and information: making sure that all the information needed to understand the main points is in the paper and in the right order, minimizing and eliminating extraneous information and ideas, and resolving inconsistencies. This book offers a mix of strategic and tactical advice for writers of analytic papers, ranging from how to get started to how to order information in a paragraph.

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