PREORDER: Critical Thinking for Strategic Intelligence. 3rd ed.

PREORDER: Critical Thinking for Strategic Intelligence. 3rd ed.

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by Katherine Hibbs Pherson and Randolph H. Pherson

Available September 2020

With Critical Thinking for Strategic Intelligence,  Katherine and Randolph Pherson have updated their highly regarded, easy-to-use handbook for developing core critical thinking skills and analytic techniques. This indispensable text is framed around 20 key questions that all analysts must ask themselves as they prepare to conduct research, generate hypotheses, evaluate sources of information, draft papers, and ultimately present analysis, including:

  • How do I get started?
  • Where is the information I need?
  • What is my argument?
  • How do I convey my message effectively? 

The 3rd Edition recommends best practices for dealing with evolving analytic challenges and reinforces the enduring fundamentals. Drawing upon years of teaching and analytic experience, the Persons provide a useful introduction to skills that are essential for intelligence programs in government, private industry, and academia.

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