Make Your Case with Compelling Analysis

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  • Make Your Case with Compelling Analysis

Make Your Case with Compelling Analysis

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Email: for more information.

Instruction Method: Instructor-led classroom learning. Globalytica’s instructor team will emphasize small group exercises. 

Audience: Analysts seeking to improve the quality and impact of their analysis.

Location: TBD or Reston, VA 20191

Course Overview: This course introduces analysts to the process of thinking in a logical and structured manner about a problem or issue – but with a specific client in mind; deciding on an analytic approach; selecting and weighing evidence; and presenting compelling analytic conclusions. Students will practice crafting logical arguments, evaluating data, and self-reviewing. They also learn to organize and communicate findings for maximum effectiveness and usability.

This course provides students with an opportunity to explore the following topics and techniques:

• The AIMS method for conceptualizing an analytic product.

• The Analytic Spectrum, which progresses from descriptive to explanatory to evaluative to estimative analysis.

• The use of Argument Maps to assess logical flow.

• The authenticity, reliability, and credibility method for evaluating sources and data.

• The use of the Inverted Triangle, Argument Maps, Mind Maps, or Venn Diagrams for conceptualizing and constructing your draft.

• The Critical Thinker’s Checklist for final review and self-editing.


{Student fee includes meals, beverages, course materials, and textbook— Analytic Writing Guide by Louis M. Kaiser and Randolph H. Pherson}