Strategic Foresight Analysis

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  • Strategic Foresight Analysis

Strategic Foresight Analysis

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Instruction Method: Instructor-led classroom learning. Globalytica’s instructor team will emphasize small group exercises.

Audience:  Analysts and managers of analysts seeking to improve the quality of their strategic analysis.

Location: TBD or Reston, VA 20191

Course Overview: The objective of the course is not to predict the future, but to generate a solid set of scenarios that can bound the range of plausible alternative futures. Strategic Foresight Analysis is most useful when a situation is complex and the potential outcome too uncertain to trust making a single prediction. It has proven highly effective in helping analysts, decision makers, and policymakers contemplate multiple futures, challenge their assumptions, and anticipate surprise developments by identifying “unknown unknowns.” In this course, students practice through hands-on exercises specific skills to help them identify key drivers, generate a robust set of alternative futures or trajectories, develop validated indicators, develop action plans, and avoid surprise.

This workshop provides students with an opportunity to explore the following topics and practice using five Structured Analytic Techniques:
• Definitions for predictions, forecasting, and foresight
• A taxonomy of strategic foresight analytic techniques
• The cognitive principles underlying five critical structured techniques used in Strategic Foresight Analysis and the best methods for applying them:

o Key Assumption Check
o Structured Brainstorming
o Multiple Scenarios Generation
o Indicators and Indicators Validation
o The Opportunities Incubator™


{Student fee includes meals, beverages, course materials, and textbook—Handbook of Analytic Tools and Techniques by Randolph H. Pherson}