Crack the Code with Diagnostic Techniques

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  • Crack the Code with Diagnostic Techniques

Crack the Code with Diagnostic Techniques

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Email: for more information.

Instruction Method: Instructor-led classroom learning. Globalytica’s instructor team will emphasize small group exercises.

Audience: Analysts seeking to improve the rigor, accuracy, and impact of their analysis.

Location: TBD or Reston, VA 20191

Course Overview: This course introduces students to a set of diagnostic analytic tools and techniques they can use to formulate and refine ideas about what has happened or is currently occurring by systematically exploring the nature of specific events or presenting issue(s). Students learn to identify the dynamics at play in an issue or problem and how they have combined thus far. Students practice reframing issues to understand better how forces or elements might combine to generate different outcomes in the future. These techniques also help analysts uncover information gaps and inform future research design.

This course provides students with an opportunity to learn about cognitive biases and intuitive traps and practice using seven Structured Analytic Techniques:

• Key Assumptions Check
• Multiple Hypothesis Generation
• Structured Brainstorming
• Diagnostic Reasoning
• Analysis of Competing Hypotheses
• Inconsistencies Finder™
• Structured Self-Critique


{Student fee includes meals, beverages, course materials, and textbook—Handbook of Analytic Tools and Techniques by Randolph H. Pherson}