Diagnostic Structured Analytic Techniques (DSATs)
2-Day Classroom

Diagnostic Structured Analytic Techniques (DSATs)

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What may be the root causes of your problem or issue? What are the symptoms, and what might they mean for the future? In this class, learn how to piece together the puzzle and anticipate how it will develop. 

Diagnostic Techniques are used to formulate and refine ideas about what has happened or is currently transpiring by systematically exploring the nature of specific events or issues. This course introduces students to a set of diagnostic analytic tools and techniques they can use to:

  • Identify the dynamics at work in an issue or problem and how they have impacted it thus far
  • Reframe issues to better understand how forces or elements might combine to generate different outcomes in the future
  • Uncover information gaps and inform future research design

Techniques Explored and Applied:

  • Chronologies and Timelines
  • Key Assumptions Check
  • Multiple Hypotheses Generation
  • Analysis of Competing Hypotheses
  • Indicators
  • Deception Detection

This is a two-day classroom course, with up to 24 students. Instructor-led classroom learning emphasizes small group exercises.

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