E-PUB: Blackout on the Eastern Seaboard!
Critical Thinking Case Study

E-PUB: Blackout on the Eastern Seaboard!

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This publication includes a case study narrative and a case solution.

Learn how critical thinking skills for asking good questions, conceptualizing your paper, and packaging your final product were applied in this case study.

On a typical, hot and humid summer evening, a major power cascade blacked out a large portion of the eastern United States, depriving 50 million people of power. Studies of past outages identified cyber attacks, overloaded systems, weather and vegetation, operator error, and computer glitches as causes of blackouts. More recently, the threat of physical sabotage, terrorism, and cyber attacks has grown. China, Iran, North Korea, and Russia are known to have targeted US infrastructure, compromising electric utilities and dams. What caused the Eastern Seaboard to go dark this time? A review of this case study would reveal which key critical thinking principles and techniques were used in answering the following questions:

  • What Are the Key Questions?
  • How Should I Conceptualize My Product?
  • How Do I Know When I Am Finished?

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