Foresight Structured Analytic Techniques (FSATs)
2-Day Classroom

Foresight Structured Analytic Techniques (FSATs)

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They say hindsight is 20/20—we say foresight is even better. Learn how to anticipate the unforeseen for a competitive edge and a proactive analytic culture. 

The objective of Foresight Analysis is to generate a solid set of scenarios to explore plausible alternative futures. Foresight Analysis helps analysts, decision makers, and policymakers contemplate multiple futures, challenge their assumptions, and anticipate change by identifying “unknown unknowns.” In this course, learners engage in hands-on foresight exercises to:

  • Identify key drivers of an issue, problem, or event
  • Generate a set of alternative futures or trajectories
  • Develop indicators for use as an early-warning mechanism
  • Create action plans for complex issues

Techniques Explored and Applied: 

  • Key Drivers Generation™
  • Key Uncertainties Finder™
  • Multiple Scenarios Generation
  • Indicators Generation and Validation
  • Indicators Evaluation
  • The Impact Matrix

This is a two-day classroom course, with up to 24 students. Instructor-led classroom learning emphasizes small group exercises.

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